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The long absence of competent cultural policy led to the stratification of society, eventually led to war.
I am absolutely sure that if such a policy were to be conducted, there would be no war.
(Pavel Makov)

Understanding symbolism in the ubiquitous environment will allow us to perceive our world and ourselves in a qualitative way, starting from our initials to a variety of words, forms and sounds. New qualitative barriers and social significance are opening up. Rethinking the habitual in a new light fills life with fullness and freedom.

Once I wondered, how I can convey love, not emotionally, inspiringly or in the mood, to music, but to convey the sound of the word itself, to hear the melody of the word?

The melody of a word, like the form of a word, has its own individual sound and contains the composer's intonations.
(Yegor Alpatov)

Alpatov Yegor - Desire to Feel | Любовь (Love)

Using the word as a form, sounds like colors, the algorithm of transformation as a genre - in the end it turns out - the language of the music..
Of the many words, not every has a harmonious beginning, so the process is similar to something other arts: as an artist painting a landscape, using the colors present in the composition. As a sculptor cutting off excess, adding a new, changing the structure, builds a sculpture. As a musician conveying music associations, comparisons, improvising with sounds. Like a philosopher in the search for truth, he dissects the complex and determines the simple.


Alpatov Yegor | Creativity Sound | Philosophy


Alpatov Yegor | Creativity Sound | Music of the Word I know that I know a little!
Creativity is subjective as time and is valuable as a memory.
The masterpiece of art is always a mystery, the key to which is the name of the art.


Inspiration in emotions and in feelings led me to love, inspiration in actions and in subjects led to loneliness. Inspiration in associations and parodies opened, to me, a door to a new inspiration, I found it in the music of the word.

Words surround us day to day, from lullaby to prayer, and most of the words that we hear and pronounce are perceived by people as a matter of course, as a part, as a given: values are instilled by society, environment, sphere (morality, knowledge, manners); imitations take root from parents (education, words parasites); borrowing is acquired over time (ignorance, rethinking).

Harmony and rhythm can penetrate much deeper than any other information and it is easier to take root in the subconscious. The creation of sound is the music of the word, empiricism and impressions.I think that this kind of music can change people's world view, how it changed me, awaken the sleeping one (purpose) and generate a new one (cultural therapy).


Music of the Word is a word as a material, music as an instrument.
My algorithm matching letters to sounds, determines the melody of the word; philosophy gives sound to form; the composer's intonation - hearing, taste and style, draw a melody, rhythm and harmony.


This is the citation of religious teachings and Nobel Prize winners, these are the aphorisms of great people and the definition of enlightened philosophers, these are art galleries and literary works. These are questions, answers and statements, the achievements of mankind and spiritual values in the language of harmony, the language of music, through the prism of cultural ideology!

Alpatov Yegor - Heaven's Arrangement | Удача (Luck)


Who are you - a name, an official, a biological species?
In the initials, much more is concealed than is generally assumed. They accompany a person all his life and this is an occasion to get to know each person with himself closer.
Each letter as a point of coordinates displays a conditional plot of life, draws a "line of destiny". Initials like an angel guard on the one hand, that guard us, and as a demon that destroy us in another hand. They say themselves what it is worth to devote their lives to show themselves with maximum pleasure.
Unpleasant is that from an early age people are taught wrong, sometimes repulsive factors, and in adulthood, those who realize themselves more than the consumer, will face a dislike to develop their potential, or do not focus on finding their destination, stopping at the obvious part of awareness his personality.

Alpatov Yegor - Split the difference | (my full initials)


Alpatov Yegor | Creativity Sound | Cultural Therapy


Creativity is the creation of new on the plan of unique cultural, material values.

Morality shapes culture, culture shapes knowledge, knowledge forms society, society shapes the state, the state forms order, order leads to the formation of the morality of society that governs the state.


Live piano sound, strings, percussion - thematic shows of representation, visualization and choreography, light and design, music and word in modern interpretations of international cultures and values.
To present to the international society the light and culture of modern Ukraine, to demonstrate the culture of the language and the depth of its understanding.

Alpatov Yegor - Dance of Mnemosyne | Здоров'я (Health)


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Alpatov Yegor | Creativity Sound | Algorithm


The algorithm compares the letters of the alphabet with the sounds of the musical camp, in the range from the first octave to the last letter, dividing the alphabet into octaves and the duration of the sounds.

rule of the genre

The duration and order of the scale can: change, use chords, sharp, flat. The value of the genre is revealed by the accuracy of the composer's intonation: the empiricism of constructing a scale to the artistic formulation of the composition of the beaten word.

Select input language:

More detailed

On an example of a word "Радість" - Joy
"Output" conversion "B3(1/4)  C1(1)  A1(1)  G2(1/2)  C4(1/8)  D4(1/8)  E5(1/16)"
This is all I have before I start working on the music of the word. Alpatov Yegor | Creativity Sound | Радість (Joy) Next, I look for an image, "a picture - a metaphor," symbolizing the word being played, for staging and artistic value of the musical composition.
Then I start working on music.
The result ...

Alpatov Yegor - In the Embrace of the Miracle | Радість (Joy)


Алпатов Егор | Творчество Звука | Объявления
Your participation will not be left without due attention, and your help will be reflected in a valuable contribution to the development of the Sound Creativity.


I am a composer from the Ukraine, province of Odessa, I live in the city of Yuzhniy.
I'm fascinated by music from my childhood, but I did not realize all the charm to be a part of music up to these days.
I write my musical compositions using the algorithm for converting letters into sounds, words into the melody is the ideology of my work, which I propose to develop and share together.

I know, now it is not easy to realize as a composer, performer, musician, I know this, and that in order to interest the society with my creativity, in the modern world, more than talent and desire is needed. We need: a goal, strategy and tactics, scenarios and roles, dedication and love.

I collect septet, on my own terms - it's piano, drums, double bass, cello, viola and two violins.
I offer you a full-fledged:

  • co-authorship - your experience and taste will make music recognizable;
  • participation - your professionalism will make music popular;
  • remuneration - will make your music recognized;

  • My role will be in the production and direction of compositions and works, in artistic value - adhering to the rules of ideology of the genre and cultural ideology.
    I also involve the director, producer, composers for the development of the genre and the transformation algorithm, performers, choreographers, dancers. I would be grateful for "gossip radio."

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